How to Pay for Your Blog

All the Joys

It’s no secret that having a blog can be expensive.  There are sponsorships to buy, designs to be done, giveaways to do, not to mention all of the fun products that other creative bloggers make and sell.  When I first started this adventure, I told myself that I didn’t want to take any money out of our monthly budget to spend on my new hobby.  I have other hobbies that do enough spending on their own – namely going out to eat and shopping.  That meant I needed to get creative about how I was going to pay for All the Joys.  I’ve put together some resources that you might find intriguing to use for yourself.  These can be used by anyone, not just bloggers!

1.  ThredUp.  ThredUp is an online consignment store for women’s and children’s clothing.  It’s easy – you order a “clean out bag”, (for free), they send it, you fill it, send it back (for free).  After they go through your items, they’ll pay you for what they know they can resell, and donate the rest to local charities.  There is an option to pay a fee to get your items back that they don’t want.  I’ve sent in about four bags – mostly of clothes that don’t fit or I never wear – and have gotten just under $150 total.  They pay via PayPal too!

You can shop here too.  I’ve bought the girls brand new clothing (new with tags!) for a fraction of the retail price.  Using this link will give you a $10 credit.

2.  Twice.  Same general idea as ThredUp – but they accept more expensive brands – and pay more for them, too.  They send a list of brands they love with your clean out bag, which makes it easy to fill.  I sell my higher end things here (Anthropologie, J.Crew, Coach, Kate Spade, etc).  I’ve done two bags here, and have gotten over $100!

You can also shop here.  Use this link to get $10 shopping credit as well as $10 clean out credit!

3.  Groupon Snap.  This is so easy, it’s crazy.  Download Groupon’s new app – Groupon Snap to get cash back on normal things you buy at the grocery store every day.  Some examples include $1 on milk, $.50 on bananas, $.75 on apples, etc.  After you purchase said items, all you do is upload a picture of your receipt.  I’ve used a few times and have already made over $5.  That can pay for a whole sponsorship!

4.  Ibotta.  This is another app available in the app store.  It works in a similar way to Groupon Snap, but you need to choose your rebates based on what store you are shopping at.  Walgreen’s has different rebates than Costco.  There are also retail and entertainment rebates!  I’ve made over $17 just doing my regular shopping.  If you sign up, use my referral code: 9bu5g. We join forces and help each other earn more!5.  Ebates.  If you haven’t signed up for this already, go do it.  I’ll wait.  Ok, so anytime you are shopping online, go to ebates first.  Find the store you are shopping from, click, and ebates will send you to their website.  Anything you buy will you give a rebate, which is paid out four times a year.  I signed up three years ago and have gotten back over $700 (don’t do the math, I shop online a lot!).  They pay via check or sometimes Amazon credit.  Even better, before taking you to your store’s website, Ebates lists all of the coupons available at that time.  Using my link above gives you a $5 credit!

6.  If you haven’t already, and are ready for the commitment, start selling sponsorships on your blog.  You can then turn around and use those funds to sponsor other blogs.  Win-win.

There are many other ways to support your hobby – blogging or other.  Garage sales, online sales on Facebook, Craigslist.  Of course, always be careful about who you are selling to and meet in a public place.  Also, use coupons whenever possible.  Check out these other money saving apps too!

Saving money is one of my passions! Are there any other things you use to help pay for your blog/hobbies, or to save money in general?

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Favorite Vacation Spots

Hello, beautiful Love the Here and Now readers! I’m Emily and I blog over at Ember Grey. Our sweet Anne is enjoying all things VACATION right now and since I have serious vacation envy at the moment, I thought this was a perfect time to share with you a few of my favorite US vacation spots.
I am very much a relax-on-the-beach-with-a-drink-in-hand type of vacationer and while I do love a good adventure, if I am truly going to take a break from the day-to-day routine, well then I truly want to relax. Here are three of my personal favorite spots to do just that:
Topsail Island, North Carolina


My family rented a house on Topsail Island years ago for a summer vacation and I will confess – prior to arriving I was actually worried that I was going to be bored. My dad kept talking about how nice it was going to be to have the ocean right out our front door and how we’d grill out every night and I just kept thinking, “Okay, but it’s North Carolina.” Having never been to NC before, clearly I was an idiot and had no idea just how wonderful it actually is there. Turns out sitting on the deck every day, reading a book and listening to the waves crash around with the smell of bbq floating in the air is pretty close to perfection and this sweet little beach town soon became one of my all time favorite vacation spots.

San Diego, California


My husband and I visited San Diego in 2011 and it was such a relaxing vacation! One day, we’d randomly happened upon Fletcher Cove of Solana Beach and that place, to this day, is one of my most favorite places to “reset”. Have you ever had one of those moments where you feel completely covered, like a blanket, by nature, and it literally takes your breath away? That’s exactly how I felt as I stood at Fletcher Cove. The ocean and the sky met just a few feet from where I stood (at least, that’s certainly how it felt to me!) and my eyes instantly welled up with tears as I was completely overcome with gratitude. Of course, there is so much more to San Diego than Fletcher Cove – I also fell in love with all of the little artsy shops, the slow paced beach town vibe, and not to mention the best french toast I’ve ever had, thanks to The Mission.

Maui, Hawaii 

How is this beautiful place seriously a part of the United States, I know. It’s like the first time you find out a tomato is really a fruit and not a vegetable, it just doesn’t seem possible – BUT IT IS. Maui is obviously a bit farther than a little drive across a few states but I’ll tell you right now – it’s worth the painstakingly long plane ride. My husband and I spent our honeymoon here and oh my gosh – it is the most dreamy place I’ve ever seen – it often times felt “other worldly” as I half expected a dinosaur to come walking out of the rainforest. With rainbows gracing the sky every single day and the smell of flowers with each breeze, I literally cried when we left and can’t wait to go back.

So what about you? Where are some of your favorite vacation spots? Are you a beach vacationer or one of those crazy active/adventurer types?
Thanks so much for hanging out with me today! Come say hi!

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Your Blog Vision: Why It’s Important


Think about it. If you are just writing posts for the sake of writing posts, what is the end goal? Ever think about that or these questions?

  • What is the reason you are writing?
  • What do you want to get out of your blog?
  • What do you wish to achieve at the end of all of this?
  • What is success to you when it comes to blogging?

Your Blog Vision: Why It's Important

Think if we just wrote to write. What if we didn’t know our end goal or what we were working for? This is why setting blog goals and knowing your blog’s vision inside and out is so important.

A blog’s vision to me is a specific statement about where you want your blog to be. It’s like your mission statement and the purpose of your blog. What are you trying to get out of your blog? What is the main reason you are blogging?


Setting a vision or mission statement is pretty easy. Simply state what you want your blog to achieve in the long term. Maybe you don’t know everything you want it to achieve. That’s OK. You can always go back and change your vision as you continue to blog. This statement should be used to help keep you motivated and to keep you seeing the end result. This is also a statement that you don’t need to share with anyone else. It’s for your personal purpose to keep you on track and to remember why you started blogging in the first place.

But, because I am really nice, I will share my blog’s vision with you:

“The goal of Chits and Giggles is to provide a true representation of my life for all of the readers. This includes everything from planning our wedding, to new recipes, to blogging tips and tricks and finally photography or Photoshop 101.”

The first sentence of my vision states clearly that I want to provide a true representation of my life. Well, I think I am doing that pretty well. If I am not, please let me know.

What is your blog vision?

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