10 Reasons Why Working in a Library is Awesome

About 6 years ago, after having been a stay at home mom, I went to work part time at our local library.  This library was the same library I frequented as a child.  3 years ago I took on the full time position of Senior Clerk.  Adapting to my first full time job ever took a bit of time, thankfully I have a husband and extended family that made the adjustment easier.  I am a firm believer that if you are working somewhere you should love your job.  I am happy to report that I am lucky enough to be in that position.  I have to say, working in a library is pretty awesome.


1.  My occupational hazard?  Having too many books I want to read.  I have due dates just like everyone else, and darn it, there is not enough time in my day to read them all.

2.  My surroundings?  Books.  And more books.  The people I work with and serve?  Readers.  And if you are a reader, you know how awesome readers can be.

3.  Advance notice of when my favorite authors are publishing books.

4.  An excuse to read.  Not that I need one really, but shouldn’t I be up to date on some of the newest books so I can make recommendations?  I thought so too.

5.  Barnes and Nobles?  Amazon?  Nope.  100% library user and supporter (with the exception of non-fiction books on certain topics…I like to have those on hand to refer to at all times). I save money. Our used book room is full of books that are cheaply priced. It is rare to find a book for more than $.50. Paperbacks? 12 for $1.00.

6.  I am perceived as a technological wizard.  We have a great ebook collection and it never fails that I get the the senior citizens that get eReaders and tablets as gifts and don’t know how to turn them on.  I do that and all of a sudden I am right up there with the Geek Squad.   The seniors love me for it. ;)

7.  The pace.  Library users take their time.  Readers like to linger over their books and patiently pick out their selections.  It’s a laid back environment.

8.  Projects and decor at my fingertips.  When I decorated my dining room I wanted to add books to our built in shelves and I wanted to add some height underneath a lamp. Problem was I wanted all creams and ivories in that room.  I went through our used book room and for under $4.00 I was able to buy the perfect books in the exact shades I wanted.


Remember this project?



Yep.  Purchased books in the used book room as well.

9.  The Community.  We truly are a community center.  Come in any given day and you will find retirees working on a jigsaw puzzle.  The same men meet daily to play chess.  Each Tuesday the sweetest ladies meet to chat and knit.  After school, students are everywhere; getting tutored, working on homework, or simply hanging out.  Mid-morning we are full of moms and babies and toddlers attending story hours.  We run the gamut of ages and personalities.  There’s never a dull moment.

10.  The staff.  If you enjoy the people you work with your job is so much easier.  We have our own inside jokes (because let’s face it, in times where there are major budget issues and library funds are at an all time low, you have to be able to find humor somewhere).  We help each other out and work well as a team.

What’s great about where you work?  Do you enjoy it?


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The Blogger Pow Wow and Making Mrs. M.

As bloggers, we all know that we have friends, great friends even, that we have never actually met in person.  We meet our blogging friends through commenting on each other’s blogs, and email back and forth.  The next stage of the friendship may be texting and perhaps even some phone calls.
What happens though when there is a group of friends that want to hang out but they live all over the U.S.?  Easy.  Google Hangouts!
Cassie (Sage), Christine (The So-Called Homemaker), Emily (Ember Grey), Meagan (All the Joys), Amanda (Knock on Wood), Melissa (The Rambling Llama) and myself have done this twice now and have had a ball doing it.  It is wonderful to just relax and unwind with friends, laugh, and get support and encouragement. Another great benefit of these hang outs?  If you have a question on a certain topic, somebody has an answer.
And just like that, an idea was born.
What if our group of friends were to host a Google Hangout, once a month, based on a certain topic that people could attend and discuss that topic?
Well, that idea is coming to fruition.  Welcome to the Blogger Pow Wow.

How Does it Work?


The first Sunday of each month, one of the aforementioned bloggers above will “host” the discussion. The hangout will be from 8:00-9:00 PM (EST).  Each month will have a different topic. Don’t worry….there will be time to talk and get to know each other as well.  It won’t be strictly business.

Do You Know What the Topics are Yet?


So far, we will be talking about sponsorships, SEO, link ups, blog designs, building community in the blogosphere, and writing style.  Have a topic you don’t see mentioned but would love to see added to the list?  Let me know by emailing me or leaving a comment.

How Can I Sign Up?


Space is limited.  As much as we would love to have unlimited spots available, a smaller group lends itself to conversation and discussion better.  Sign ups will go as follows: each host will post about their topic the week before the link up.  If you are interested leave a comment (please be sure that you are NOT a no-reply blogger!).  This will be a first come, first served sign up.  You will be notified by the Saturday before the Pow Wow if you are an attendee.

What Is Expected of Me?


Come with questions!  Other than that not much.  Be ready to talk, get to know us better, and laugh.

When is this Starting?

Mark your calendars!  The very 1st Blogging Pow Wow will be taking place this Sunday, February 1st.



What’s the First Topic?

I will be talking about sponsorships and advertising.  I’ll be covering staying organized, tips, selling ads, ad swaps, and how to increase your ad sales.

There’s someone I would like to introduce you to, Jaelan of Making Mrs. M.  Jaelan is newlywed, living in Texas.  She has a love of good craft beer, gardening, and makeup.  One of my favorite posts by Jaelan depicts why she is so easy to love.  Can’t we all relate?
In the fall of 2013, I was recently engaged.  I wanted to document our life together, and make some friends!
I’d travel all over Europe!  I’ve never been and I would love to go.  My husband has had the opportunity to travel quite a bit, and I would love to be able to see those places with him.
In the fall of 2013, I was recently engaged.  My (then) husband-to-be’s last name started with an “M”. I wanted to document my journey becoming a wife, and thereafter, so I thought “Making Mrs. M” would be the perfect name.  After all, I believe we are constantly “making” ourselves into the people we are by the choices we make and how we react in everyday situations.
That’s such a tough one!  Texas doesn’t have typical seasons.  We have hot and cold. :)  However, the time that I think it’s the most pleasant is Springtime.  Springtime in Texas is absolutely breathtaking. There are wildflowers that line  the roads and fill up every pasture.  Seas of blues and reds and pinks and yellows as far as the eye can see.
My favorite holiday is a no-brainer–Christmas!  It’s time for family and great food….plus I really loveChristmas movies and music.
Just be yourself.  I know that is incredibly overplayed, but it’s true.  when you try to be someone you’re not, it shows and you will suffer for it.  Also, don’t try to have everything figured out all at once.  It’s ok to be a new blogger.  You will learn as you go.
You can follow Jaelan on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.
Jalean is also my co-host for today’s Wednesday Wishes.
 My wish for today is that the Blogger Pow Wow be something that you wold hope to join.  We all can use some feedback and some encouragement.  I know that I love having a group I can turn to for advice and tips.  No matter how long we have been blogging there is always something to learn; whether it is a new skill or a shortcut that we hadn’t thought about.  We look forward to talking with you!
Love the Here and Now
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Interested in joining us for the first Blogger Pow Wow?   Comment below and let me know if you are interested.   I’ll be in touch with you by January 31st. Looking forward to having you join our Pow Wow!


Hole in Her Stocking Designs

Hole In Her Stocking Etsy


I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer from Dancin’ with a Dolly on a few occasions.  Not only is Jennifer a blogger (crafts, photography, and life in general) but she is also a jewelry designer.  She is the mastermind behind the Etsy shop Hole In Her Stocking Designs.

Hole in Her Stocking Designs is full of beaded bracelets, in stunning color combinations.  There are pendants and beaded necklaces as well.  Need some dainty earrings?  These will be sure to please.  Dainty and delicate roses in the softest of colors that will accent any outfit.

Purple is one of my favorite colors and I was thrilled to add these two items to my collection.


IMG_3201_2 IMG_3200

The pendant (found here) has just enough sparkle.  It is on a delicate silver chain that falls at the perfect length.  This piece is perfect to add to a casual outfit but at the same time, can be paired with something dressier for those occasion that require a little more pizazz.


The bracelet…..oh the bracelet…..not only do I love the design, I love that each bead has a bit of color to it and each bead is different from the rest.  I have never worn a wrap bracelet before but now I am hooked.

IMG_3196 IMG_3198

With the beads having variation I feel like this can be paired with many different outfits.  It is sure to bring in a pop of color.

Have something in mind that you don’t see?  Like a design but wish it came in other colors?  Contact Jennifer; she is open to custome designs as well.

Not only is the jewelry beautiful, the packaging was wonderful as well.  Each item came in its own hand-stamped bag.  Jennifer’s attention to detail is perfect.  You can tell she truly takes the time and cares about her creations.


Jennifer is generously offering a promo code for Love the Here and Now readers.  WINTERLOVE will get you 20% off your order.  One (or more) of these is going to be mine…just as soon as I narrow it down!


Not only has Jennifer provided a promo code, she is also giving away one of her creations to one lucky reader.  Enter below for your chance to win a Hole in Her Stocking Designs creation.
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