July Goals

July Goals www.lovethehereandnow.com

I started the year listing my goals for 2015 and have been working my way through them.  I love the idea of having smaller goals to work towards too.  Every month I say that I am going to do a goals post but never seem to get around to doing it. I figured July was the perfect month to start since I am a huge fan of accountability.  I have great intentions (don’t we all?) but life seems to get in the way.  Add summer and the complacency that often accompanies it and you have a recipe for zero motivation on my part.  Making a list of my goals and actually posting it will hopefully motivate me to cross things off my list.  Care to know what my July goals are?  Here you go!

Bullet Journaling

I have mentioned before that I wanted to try this type of journaling and organization.  This is the month for me to start and get the system under my belt before school and sports start up again.  By the time September rolls around I am hoping to have this system down pat and have my life in some semblance of order.

Ever hear of bullet journaling?  If not, you can find more information on it on my Pinterest board.

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Media Kit

This has been on my to do list for quite some time and the only way it may get done is if I list it as a goal.  I have been researching them for awhile now and just nee the time to get it done.  Do you have one?  Need some ideas or inspiration?  Check out my Pinterest board dedicated to them.

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I just hosted my own giveaway as a thank you for completing a reader survey but I would like to add giveaways for my sponsors to participate in.  Planning and executing that is something that I’d like to be able to cross off my list.

Revise Sponsorship Options

In order to keep things from getting stagnant in regards to my advertising page I’d like to start offering some different sponsorship options or add to the ones I have.  With Pinterest being one of my favorite social media sites, I’d like to be able to work an option in dedicated solely to that.  I have beneficing around some ideas for a few months but nothing is set in stone.  July may just be the month to get things solidified.

Fix SEO/Graphics on Past Blog Posts

After switching over to WordPress  I have wanted to go back and freshen up some of my old posts.  One of the things I really want o focus on is improving SEO on past posts.  Thankfully with one of the great WordPress plugins this won’t be too difficult to do.  I also have a few posts that could use some better graphics.  Paying attention to past posts and freshening them up is high on my list of things to do. Have you ever done a monthly goals post?  Do you find that it helps your accountability? July Goals www.lovethehereandnow.com

5 Ways to Learn to Love Running

5 Ways to Learn to Love Running

My daughter got me the other day.  She hit me in a moment of weakness.  She pulled the old “I’m leaving for college at the end of the summer so let’s do this together!” card.  What was I supposed to do but agree to her suggestion.  What was it she wanted to do you may be wondering?  Run our local Boilermaker 5k race.  I had done it once before and crossed it off my Bucket List.  I had even signed up for a 5k in the fall called the Color Vibe.  If I’m being honest though, that run is such fun run and tons of people walk it.  My friend and I signed up knowing that we wouldn’t take it too seriously and would more than likely speed walk.

This race though?  That’s not the case.  Believe me I have wondered what I have gotten myself into on multiple occasions.

The truth though?  I envy runners.  I would love to just get outside and start running to clear my head and to push myself.  The problem?  I hate running.  Running is such a mental sport though so I am doing all that I can to convince myself to learn to love running.  Here are 5 ways that I am hoping me at least learn to like running a little bit.

5 Ways to Learn to Love Running

Sign up for Fun Runs

I don’t think I will find funner runs than the Boilermaker or the Color Vibe.  Running for free beer?  Running while being sprayed with colorful chalk dust?  Those aren’t your ordinary races. The Boilermaker is such a popular race in our town that you can’t go 20 ft without seeing someone you know.  Having them cheer you on is just the icing on the cake.

Finishing a race looking like this?  I think I can manage that.

Color Run

Run with a Friend

Working full time and having an active family doesn’t always leave time for social time of my own. Why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone and work a social hour into exercising?  Running with someone would hopefully distract me from the point that I truly am out of shape and will maybe even prevent me from giving up.  Perhaps with some laughter and conversation the miles will fly by (one can hope right?).

Avoid the Heat

I hate the mugginess of summer.  I dread the heat.  It makes me feel lethargic and the last thing I want to do in the dead of summer is exert myself.  Sad but true.  Running in the early morning or late at night with a friend or my husband would make it much more tolerable.


Tuning into a great podcast or creating a great playlist will hopefully make training that much easier and more enjoyable.  I may be the only person that hasn’t listened to Serial in its entirety yet so I should check that out.  Or perhaps this podcast by a local blogger friend and her husband would do the trick.  Keep my mind occupied and I am certain I won’t be thinking of how much I will ache after running.

Invest in Running Attire

Call me juvenile but perhaps by rewarding myself with some cute running clothes I will want to get out and pound the pavement.  I can’t imagine running in an old stretched out cotton t-shirt is going to feel good.  A pretty colored athletic tank though may make me feel the part of a runner and therefore inspire me to act like one.  And by act like one I mean actually run.

What tips do you have to help me begin to like running?  Have you ever agreed to something in a moment of weakness and regretted it?

5 Ways to Learn to Love Running www.lovethehereandnow.com


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10 Blogs to Follow for Blog Tips

10 Blogs to Follow for Blog Tips www.lovethehereandnow.comI’m a big fan of blogs that share blogging tips.  I feel like I have so much to learn and love finding new ways to enhance my blogging process.  Today I thought I would share with you 10 blogs to follow for blog tips.  Follow them and I promise you will benefit greatly.

Blog Ambitions

Simply put, Kristie is amazing.  She has all the bases of blogging covered: SEO, post ideas, social media tips, and WordPress tips/tutorials.  Don’t know where to start?  Check out her popular posts page.

Blog Brighter

Blog Brighter is a relatively new blog, but don’t let that fool.  Nadine is the blogger behind East and… so she’s been blogging for years.  She had the (brilliant) idea to start a second blog dedicated to blogging tips.

Nectar Collective

Melyssa shares blogging tips and social media tips.  She is a wealth of information and definitely worth following.

The Alisha Nicole

Alisha not only has blogging knowledge but she is also a small business owner and provides information and encouragement to those just starting out.

Elle and Company

Lauren is so transparent and shares much of her blogging and business journey.  She has so many great posts; I can easily lose myself in reading her blog.

Venus Trapped in Mars

Sarah’s blog is full of great tutorials.  What I really love about them is the fact that they are easy to follow.  I am a visual learner so I love that each step of her tutorials is well documented with screen shots.

The Wetherills Say I Do

Madison is huge on fostering community and encouraging others and this comes through in her tutorials.  She’s all about helping others make their blogs the best they can be.

Allyssa Barnes

Allyssa’s blog is somewhat new to me.  With over 200 tips and tutorials though, she has so much to offer the blogging community.

XO Sarah

One of the main things I love about Sarah is something she does called Fix it Friday.  You can ask her any question about your website (from aesthetics to functionality) and she will answer all questions.  Her advice and tips are spot on and such a wonderful asset  to bloggers.


Like the others before her, Lisa is a wealth of information.  She’s great with technical knowledge and encouraging bloggers across the board.  One of the other things I really like about Lisa and her blog is her branding.  She has done a phenomenal job of branding herself and making herself stand out.

What bloggers do you suggest for blogging tips?