The Perfect Blog Planner by Plum Paper Designs

It’s no secret around here that I am slightly obsessed with planners and organizers.  I am constantly on the search for the perfect planner.  
Since I started blogging, I felt that I needed a planner dedicated solely to my blog.  I noticed that most bloggers were using the Day Designer by Whitney English or the Life Planner by Erin Condren.  I purchased the Day Designer and I really liked it.  Having said that, it was more conducive to keeping track of my day to day schedule (which was great) but it wasn’t really what I was looking for in a blog planner.
Needless to say, I was frustrated and a bit disappointed.  I was just about to give up hope of finding what I was looking for in a planner.
Thankfully, I came across another blogger’s recommendation for Plum Paper Designs.  It was as if Plum Paper Designs heard my pleas for the perfect planner and they created it.
What makes Plum Paper Designs stand out from the rest?  It is customizable.  I opted to buy the Family Planner, which allows for you to customize 7 sections in the weekly spread.  I chose the following sections: posts, sponsors, giveaways, social (media), emails, blogs to read, and miscellaneous.  These sections cover all aspects of blogging; from my own blog to those I sponsor or those that sponsor me.  It helps me schedule my social media information as well as helps me keep track of giveaways I am involved in.  It is absolute perfection and a dream to work from.

There are so many other features that are amazing as well.  Each planner comes with a clear plastic cover so when transporting it around it is protected.  The cover can be personalized.  I chose the initials of my blog, LTH&N.  There are laminated monthly tabs.  Each month comes with 2 pages for notes.  There is a section for contacts and holidays as well.  Two folders keep your loose papers intact.  If you’re anything like me, I am always finding inspiration at random times and jotting notes down.  These folders are a God-send for my notes.  

Let’s talk design.  There are tons of options and color choices.  It was so hard to choose just one design.  I am thrilled with my choice and already have my eye on the next design I want.  These are some of my top contenders.  Not sure how I’ll narrow it down yet though.



Another unique feature of this shop is that you can add on to your planner.  Two pages of notes aren’t enough for you?  You can add more!  Have more contacts?  Add more pages for that too!  Want to really personalize your planner?  You can add a photo if you’d like.  My favorite add on though?  Extra months.  My planner starts in June of 2014 and goes through November of 2015.  With the addition of the extra months you might think that this planner is bulky.  It’s not at all!  The sturdy, metal coil does it’s job and keeps this planner neat and compact.  

Plum Paper Designs sells other planners as well.  They have regular planners, teacher planners, student planners, meal planners, wedding planners, and fitness planners.  They also carry notebooks.  I’m pretty sure I see a notebook, meal planner, and a student planner for my oldest daughter in my future.  
This planner is everything I have ever wanted to keep my blog organized.  Not only is it perfection organization-wise, it is top notch in quality too.  I can not stress enough how this has helped me keep my blog running smoothly.  
Plum Paper Designs has graciously offered the readers of Love the Here and Now 10% off their orders with the promo code HEREANDNOW10 (expires June 30th).  Go treat yourself and your blog to a new planner; you won’t regret it!  You can order your planner here.

  • Kerri F

    Thank you so much for this post! I have also been on the hunt for a blog planner but don’t like the layout of the Day Designer. This one looks like it would be perfect and I love the option to create unique tabs.

  • Elisabeth

    I’m obsessed with my Plum Paper planner too. I’m already on my second one :)

  • meagan

    Your timing is perfect on this!! Ordering one (or three) now!

  • Alisha B.

    Im def a planner hoarder too!! Im currently using the Erin Condren planner for EVERYTHING but I think I need a separate planner just for the blog! Thank you for sharing!

  • Ember Grey.

    Okay. I’m sold. I have been looking for a better blog planner and this looks PERFECT. I have an Erin Condren planner for my life but need something for my blog. Can’t wait to order a Plum Paper planner now!

  • Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    What a neat planner! I didn’t even know something like this was available. :) I just use the Evernote App for most of my blog planning but lately I’ve been thinking about finding a better long term solution. Thanks for sharing!

  • Holly

    I’ve been looking for the perfect blog planner and I think the one is it! It has everything I want in a planner.

  • Monica Christina Yu

    The my best friends people person support services planners a On ready of remember of the dates

  • Mary-Keith Piasecki

    ahh i NEED this! thanks for showing me the post