How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

I’m not sure about you but there are a few things that I would have done differently when I started blogging.  Things that you only realize after the fact.  One of those things?  I would have started an Instagram account for my blog right when I started blogging.  I may be among the minority, but the fact that I am blogging is only known by a few local people.  For me it is easier to share my thoughts and words with complete strangers (except now I have close blogging friends) than it is with my close friends and local people.  Am I the only one that feels that way?  Maybe with more time I will develop a more carefree attitude.
I digress.  Instagram.
About a week ago I bit the bullet and created a blog Instagram account.  I am starting from scratch.  I still have my personal account going but I went from hundreds of photos down to 5.  That’s ok.  I will slowly build up my posts and hopefully build up my followers as well.  
Great.  I now have two accounts and Instagram has yet to develop a way to let users toggle back and forth between multiple accounts.  Now what?
I have found a solution that works for me.  It may not work for everyone and it does require a little work and effort but I am happy with it.  I have an iPhone and an iPad.  My phone is always with me, while my iPad stays on my nightstand.  Staying logged in to one account on each device wouldn’t work for me.  I need to be able to upload to both accounts during the day (when I am rarely home and have access to my iPad).  Besides that, I like to see what’s going on in the blogging world as well as with my local friends and family.  I want easy access to both accounts.
Enter Fotogramme.  Fotogramme is a free app app that lets me sign into both of my Instagram accounts.  I can “like” photos and comment on photos.   I can create a favorites list so I can easily follow my favorite Instagrammers.  Toggling between the two accounts is quick and easy.  Even though the app is free, I may be forking over $.99 to get rid of the ads (that’s an in app purchase option).
Instagram does not allow its users to upload photos from third party apps.  I still have to log in and out of my account when I feel like posting a photo.  It adds a few seconds on to my posting time which I can live with.  I do not post tons of photos so this really isn’t an issue for me.  I use Instagram more as a way to interact with others and be inspired.
Do you have multiple Instagram accounts?  How do you manage them?

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The Grits Blog - Little Friday Linkup

The Grits Blog - Little Friday Linkup

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  • Kacie

    So that’s how it’s done! I’ve scratched my head before over how on earth to manage two IG accounts semi-smoothly. Of course there’s an app for that! Too bad you can’t post from it too.

  • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

    That is the biggest downfall! Instagram has to realize that they need to make thee option to switch between accounts available. SO many people would benefit from that!

  • Amanda

    I totally agree! I wish I could go back in time and just make a dedicated blog account on for all my social networks – Twitter and Pinterest in addition to Instagram, but now it just feels too late. Bah.

  • Megan Sybrant

    Thanks for this Anne! I think I am going to go for it… Just nervous about it!

  • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

    This is the only one I am switching over. I wish I had thought of all of this awhile ago! Oh well….have to make the best of it!

  • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

    I know! I was on the fence for a little bit but I’m glad I did!

  • Katie Visconti

    Anne, I am catching up on all post today and you make me a better blogger and person!!! The ten ways to be happy had me smiling and ready to take on the day with a positive attitude, and this Instagram tip and your Stay Organized post have me ready to revamp my blog and space! You are awesome. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

    Thank you so much!! You made my day! :)

  • Meagan

    Two accounts is the way to go. My personal is private and has pics of my kids. I keep my iPad set on the private one, and my iPhone in th blog account. I’m going to check out fotogramme though, makes it seem much easier!

  • Madison

    So Fotogramme allows you to set up your photo and then switches to Instagram to actually post? Interesting! I knew Fotogramme let you view multiple accounts which is really nice! Thanks for sharing your tips :)

  • Amberly

    This is so cool!!! I’ll have to see if they have an app for Android. With my luck, they don’t, but it’s worth a try, right?!

  • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

    You were smart to start it our like that right form the start! Wish I had. So far I like that app a lot!

  • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

    No….you can’t post from there or prep from there. You can see both accounts and like people’s pictures but no posting. That’s frustrating!

  • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

    Fingers crossed that they do!! It makes it so much easier!

  • thealishanicole

    Thank you for this! I just set up a separate account for my new shop and was trying to figure out a good way to use both!

  • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

    Great timing then! I’m interested to leaner more about your shop…started following you today/. Keep me posted!

  • Ember Grey.

    You are amazing!!! I had no idea, Anne! I still have one Instagram but might want to have two in the future and often wondered how I’d switch back and forth – so cool. You are the best! (And I agree with you- fewer of my friends “in real life” -ha- read my blog vs blogging friends and most days I’m totally okay with that.)

  • Linda Cassidy

    I debated a second account but those on my instagram now about the blog so that one never bothered me as much as the facebook, so I do have a separate page for that

  • Jules Malley

    Stopping by from the treat yo self link up! I just combined personal insta and blog insta because I couldn’t handle the stress of 2! haha

  • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

    Thank God I’m not the only one! I hope Instagram finds a way to accommodate those that have 2 accounts. It would be much simpler! And thank you! :)

  • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

    I have a separate Facebook too. A few people know but for now I like flying under the radar! ;)

  • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

    That’s understandable… can be a pain but for me it’s worth it. Maybe someday Instagram will catch on!

  • Krystal R.

    I downloaded this last week and was so sad I couldnt upload photos. What I do .. I keep the blog instagram on my ipad and my personal one on my phone.

  • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

    I know…I’m bummed that Instagram doesn’t allow 3rd party uploads. They need to find a way to let users switch back and forth between accounts. I think you are on to something keeping the accounts separate but since i’m not home much during the day I need to access my accounts from my phone. Bottom line? Instagram needs to update with better features!

  • Krystal R.

    I totally agree!

  • Lifeplus1

    This is really helpful Anne. I only have one account at the moment @mylifeplus1, and I only joined Instagram this year. It is mainly for my blog, but I don’t often promote my new posts there. I just use it as a way to connect with readers and other bloggers and share bit of my life with the people who I’ve gotten to know through blogging.

    I can relate with having the clarity of hindsight in regard to blogging. One thing I would have done differently is exactly what you did, not tell all of my family and friends about it. I don’t have anything to hide from them, but I do struggle with writing about things without considering what they might think of it, which can be a bit restrictive sometimes.

    Anyway…I’m rambling. Great post!


  • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

    I know exactly what you mean…..there’s nothing to hide but I feel like once they know then I will lose that feeling of anonymity and I will start to self-cenosr myself wondering what they would think of my writing and my thoughts.

  • Lisa McDermott

    This is a great tip! I never knew they had an app for this, but then again.. they have an app for EVERYTHING! I should have known! Thanks for sharing I will have to check it out!

  • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

    Hope it helps you! And you’re right…there’s an app for EVERYTHING!!!