I have been trying so hard to get a grasp on this blogging concept.  I am enjoying putting my random thoughts out there and documenting the day to day things that make up my life.  I love reading other blogs and aspire to the point where I actually know what I am doing.   I see posts that bloggers are writing and wonder when my “voice” will come across as easily as theirs seem to flow through the keyboard and onto my computer screen.  Anything worth doing takes practice and patience.  I know that.  Having said that, I am the type of person that wants things done yesterday and preferably with someone by my side showing me how to do it.  Show me once and I’m golden….have me read directions and figure it out on my own?  I am lost.

Being the way that I am I decided that I need to go to the pros for advice.  Enter Erin of Living in Yellow.  I have been a reader of hers for awhile now and love her blog.  She is the type of blogger that after reading her posts you wish you could know her in real life.  Her blog is full of funny stories, pictures, and most importantly, it’s honest and real.  Her sense of humor is awesome and her sense of style is to die for (check out Love, Yellow).  
I am happy to say that I will be attending her Blogger Happy Hour.  Not only do I get to hangout with Erin but I also get to hangout with Helene too, another one of the top bloggers I follow.
I can’t wait to talk to them and meet the other bloggers I will be hanging out with.  I am so excited to get some pointers and advice and learn from those that I admire and respect.  It’s hard putting yourself out there for all to see, even harder when there’s a whole different language out there that you don’t speak (buttons, link parties say whaaaatttt????) yet.  
If you want to reach your goals you have to keep going.  One step at a time.  I’m on my way.
Now off to research DSLR camera tips.   I have the “big girl blogger” camera and no clue how to really use it other than point and click.  I’m thinking of trying this tutorial.  It was recommended by another blogger I love Jenni, of Story of My Life.  
Any tips or pointers you’d like to share with a novice like me?  Any and all are greatly appreciated!  

Check out this great blog:

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  • Shannon Kerns

    Anne! Welcome to blogland! You’re off to a great start :). As a new blogger (I started Brass Honey in August) I can definitely attest to the learning curve. You can check out the series I started with thoughts on being a newbie, Is There Anybody Out There. There are several parts now. Anyways, I’m not a pro, but if I can help with anything, please feel free to reach out.


    • Anne

      Thank you! Definitely going to check it out. I’m always looking for tips and advice….Google has become my best friend 😉

      Thanks for stopping by….much appreciated!

  • Ember Grey

    Hi Anne!! I have been catching up on your blog today! I’ll be joining you in Erin’s Blogger Happy Hour and am so relieved to see that I’m not the only one with some of these questions/frustrations. (Yep, totally impatient too – you are not alone) I’m really looking forward to “meeting” you and the rest of the girls! :)

    XO –

    • Anne


      Looking forward to “meeting” you as well! I’m glad I won’t be the only new one to Blogging. It’ll be great to get some tips and pointers from the “pros”! It’ll be nice to share this journey with you. Thanks for taking a moment to introduce yourself!

  • Rachel

    Welcome to blogging! I am just looking through your blog from your Northeast Bloggers application! WIll be adding you to our directory soon and sending your welcome email! Hope the happy hour is fun and useful!

  • Anne

    Thanks Rachel!

  • Brittany

    I have a cannon and I try really hard to use it. Even took a class but everything is so confusing to me. Too blurry or pics are too dark. I just get frustrated and grab my iphone to take pics.

    • Anne

      My iPhone is my main “camera” still. I have done some reading on the DSLR but haven’t started the tutorial I purchased on it yet. Still a priority for me just need more time! Thanks for stopping by!