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Friday Favorites www.lovethehereandnocw.comIf you have been reading Love the Here and Now for awhile, you may know that Fridays are reserved for a link up called Blogger Love with Meagan from All the Joys.  Meagan is in the process of moving so she has been a bit busy house hunting, tidying up loose ends, and saying good byes.  I have come to love ending my week by sharing posts from other bloggers that I think you would enjoy reading and wanted to continue doing so.  Therefore, without further ado, here are my Friday favorites.

Is Blogging Dead? by Helene in Between

I loved this post because I agree 100% with Helene.  Putting all of your eggs in one basket is pretty risky.  I am a huge fan of blogs and reading blogs.  Social media definitely has its place and is wonderful too for engagement purposes but I often feel like I know more about a person from a post vs. their tweets to Instagram photos.

Happiness by Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos

Life getting you down a bit lately?  Going through a rough patch?  Let’s face it; we all do.  Life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns.  This post by Lindsay will help you bring some happiness into your life.

Which Font Would Be Your BFF?  by Nose Graze

Not only do I love fonts, but I absolutely love the unique way that Ashley chose to share some fonts. A+ on creativity!  There’s some great selections of fonts in this post as well.

How to Best Use Categories and Tags by Blog Ambitions

Me mentioning Kristie form Blog Ambitions isn’t new.  She is my WordPress guru and has tons of tips.  This post doesn’t disappoint and gives clear, easy to follow suggestions for using categories and tags.  It’s a must read and definitely pin-worthy.

5 Simple Ways to Decorate on a Budget by Simplicity Relished

Sometimes (ok, most times!) less is more.  Daisy shares some great tips that anyone can use to decorate their home.  It just proves that you don’t need lots of money or even DIY time to decorate.

So what posts caught your eye this week?  Did you miss any of these great posts?

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  • Bourbon & Lipstick

    You are so sweet to share my post! Thank you! I loved Helene’s as well; need to check out the others!

    • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

      Loved that post and it’s such a great reminder! Hope you have a great weekend!

  • Kerri Fortune | Hey Kerri Blog

    I just finished reading Helene’s post and couldn’t agree more as well! Also, I’m kind of selfish and really don’t want blogging to be dead because I love reading them!

    • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

      Same! It’s not dead. Won’t die. We will kept it alive won’t we?! 😉

  • ashortblonde

    Helene’s post stuck with me this week too. I think things become dead when the blogger loses inspiration. If Instagram is more their jam go for it, but if it isn’t it won’t work either way!

    • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

      I think you make a great point. Instagram is great, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes yo see people copying other people’s styles and it tells me nothing about THEM. Does that make sense at all?

  • Rachael

    Helene’s post is so true. Blogging isn’t dead, it’s just changing!

    • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

      Exactly….and that’s what I love about blogging…it constantly evolves and everyone makes it their own and brings something unique to the table and adds their own twists.

  • Kristyn H.

    I’m so far behind with reading blogs, but I have Helene’s up and ready to read. These are some great other posts that I have to check out too. I love this linkup!

    • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

      I do too! Hope Meagan continues it when she’s settled in.

  • theladylawyer

    Some of my favorite ladies, included :)

    • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

      They are wonderful aren’t they? Have a great weekend!

  • Daisy @ Simplicity Relished

    Thanks for including me!! :) These other posts were excellent too.

    • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

      I love your posts )if you couldn’t tell). Sometimes I read them on the go and don’t have time to comment but just know that i thoroughly enjoy your blog!

  • Alanna @ Alanna & Company

    Great posts! Thanks for sharing.

    • Anne @ Love the Here and Now

      You’re welcome! It’s always hard choosing just a few!